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About Us

BACE is a global manufacturer of heavy-duty balers and compactors for use in the recycling and waste management industries. Its products deliver long life, superior reliability, the heaviest possible bales, optimal levels of safety, and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). BACE also provides the most conscientious service in the industry.

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Management Team

Frederick Waite

Fred Waite

Chief Executive Officer
877.506.BACE (2223)

Gregory J. Leon

Senior Vice President of Sales/Business Development

Gregory J. Leon

Drew Sigmund Jr.

Drew Sigmund, Jr.

Senior Vice President – Operations
877.506.BACE (2223)

Drew Sigmund Sr.

Drew Sigmund Sr.

Senior Vice President
Client Services
877.506.BACE (2223)

Randy Sossamon

Director of Client Services
877.506.BACE (2223)

Randy Sossamon

Affordability and Flexibility

We want your positive customer experience to extend to your financing options. That’s why you can pay off your lease without a penalty at any time after your first 12-monthly payments have been made. That’s why we offer flexible programs, terms and buyout options, competitive bank rates, and high rates of approval.

With us, you can be sure you’ll always get a simple application process and a fast credit response, with application-only approvals up to $150,000. You’ll also get easy access to live customer service at no additional cost. Call or e-mail us for a formal quote: 877-506-BACE or

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We want your business. And we know we have to earn it.


We will be the recycling industry’s most planet-conscious manufacturer.

Our Principles

We approach our business with inviolable commitments to leading by example, to operational transparency, to unflagging integrity, to sustainable re-use, and to continually improving all aspects of our customer and environmental interactions.

Our Responsibilities

In light of our principles, we hold ourselves responsible for conscientious use and preservation of precious natural resources, including air, water, and land; recycling and re-use of as many materials as possible; the health and safety of our employees; the financial solvency of our company; and our accountability to our customers.

Our Duty

In light of our principles and our responsibilities, we consider it our duty to:

  • Use natural resources judiciously and with due consideration of the effects of their use on the environment
  • Abide by applicable EPA regulations pertaining to our environmental, social, and economic responsibilities
  • Take positions of leadership on the issues that contribute to a better quality of life for our employees, clients, event participants, and suppliers.


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Right Where We Belong

We’re proud members of or are professionally affiliated with all of the organizations and associations represented below by their logos.




National Waste Recycling Association

US Manufactured

US Manufactured from globally sourced materials


Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association


Veteran Owned Business


Carolina Recycling Association


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