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We produce our balers in a variety of standard and custom designs to suit the varying requirements of numerous businesses, from hotels and hospitals to manufacturing facilities and supermarkets. BACE has quickly become the preferred supplier to the paper recyclers, Fortune 1,000 Companies and Big Box retailers for all their baling requirements. At the same time, we pride ourselves on providing good, old-fashioned, personalized, responsive service.

The moment we receive your order, we:

  • Confirm all your delivery requirements
  • Arrange delivery and/or installation to coincide with your fixturing, electrical connection, parking lot paving, and other onsite conditions
  • Deliver and install all your equipment, ensuring a full turnkey operation
  • Instruct your personnel on safety and proper operation procedures
  • Coordinate with a network of designated service centers to ensure your access to factory-trained technicians, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To back up our superior products, to extend our superior service; and to ensure you get the most from your investment in BACE equipment, we offer a complete array of training videos, warranty materials, and owner’s manuals. Please scroll down to access, view, download, and/or print the information you need.

If you don’t find what you want, please let us know. We stand ready to ensure the experience you have with BACE is as good as the equipment you get from us. And we’re always prepared to earn your trust in whatever ways we can.


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