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This unit is 72” wide to accommodate larger, more lengthy boxes or other materials. This unit is ideal for audio or television boxes and other larger cardboard cartons.

Performance Specs

Description Value
Nominal Bale Size 72" x 30" x 48"
Bale Weight Up to 1300 lbs OCC
Bale Volume 60 cu. ft.
No. of Bale Tie Slots 7
Compact Force lbs - Normal / Maximum 62,203
Platen Pressure 28 PSI
Average Cycle Time 49 Seconds
Loading Height 49.50"
Ejector System Semi-Automatic
Full Bale Switch

Hydraulic / Electrical Specs

Description Value
Motor HP 10
Voltage 3 Phase 208V, 230V, 480V
Full Load Amps (A=Amps) 32A, 28A, 14A
Pump GPM 12 / 4 HiLo
Normal System Pressure PSI 2200
Max. System Pressure PSI
Cylinder Bore x Stroke 6" x 48"
Hydraulic Tank-Capacity Gallons 22
Additional hydraulic/electrical configurations are available. Please contact BACE for more information.
Available Options
Due to continual product improvement BACE reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
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