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An Industry First: Total Transparency

The BACE Ecosystem

Here's how it works:

BACE outfits any manufacturer’s baler or compactor with our patent-pending business intelligence and analytics platform, IntelliBACE™.

The platform will integrate your Waste and Recycling assets using cellular communication and deliver valuable, actionable data and insights to the cloud or to internal systems for your organization to manage and measure your Waste and Recycling program.

IntelliBACE™ delivers unmatched accountability and transparency, and is proven to help organizations increase revenue while decreasing expenses. The system also tracks usage data and provides alerts for preventative maintenance.
Every day, BACE uses its Ecosystem model to innovate new ways to disrupt and improve the Waste and Recycling Industry and deliver unmatched Transparency and Accountability.
“Doubt” doesn’t have to be a part of your waste and recycling transaction anymore.
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Vertical Balers