An Industry First: Total Transparency

The IntelliBACE System™

Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform

Our cloud-based IntelliBACE™ system facilitates management and measurement of corporate waste and recycling programs. It delivers unmatched accountability and transparency; and is proven to help organizations increase revenue while decreasing expenses. The system also tracks usage data and provides alerts for preventative maintenance.

Here’s how it works: BACE outfits any baler or compactor with our patent-pending business intelligence software, and you start getting the information and analysis you need to make cost-effective recycling decisions. 

Doubt doesn’t have to be a part of your waste and recycling transaction anymore. 

Core IntelliBACE™


  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - Cloud
  • Balers and Compactors are integrated under IntelliBACE™ – multi-equipment/single platform
  • Designed for Web and Mobile UI
  • Integrated Weight based scaling system – not Pressure Based
  • Sophisticated security model, including cellular technology, eliminating the risk to corporate networks
  • Predictive Analytics/AI
Vertical Balers


  • Tracks exact weight and number of bales produced.
  • Notifies recyclers with x number of bales have been produced for pickup.
  • Compares recycling trends by region, by location, and/or by shift.
  • Tracks revenue by location, region and more.
  • Automatically reorders more baling wire.
  • Reduces audit services by eliminating weight and moisture discrepancies.
  • Tracks usage for proactive preventative maintenance.
  • Service history at your finger tips.


  • Tracks the exact weight of the Compactor contents - NOT pressure based.
  • Notifies haulers when x % full, ready for pickup.
  • Reduces underweight tips.
  • Reduces overweight tips - can shut down the Compactor when the max weight is reached.
  • Compares waste trends by region and location.
  • Tracks tip fees by region and location.
  • Tracks usage for proactive preventative maintenance.
  • Service history at your finger tips.