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Patented Platform Can Automatically Disable Compactors

CHARLOTTE, NC – (September 30, 2020) – BACE, LLC, a leading global equipment manufacturer, technology innovator, and national service provider for the recycling and waste management industry, announces it has released industry-changing enhancements to the patented IntelliPACT™ system for Compactors, a member of the patented IntelliBACE™ Platform.
“There are two major challenges when it comes to using Compactors for Waste/Recycling.

  1. Emptying a Compactor underweight can create unnecessary pickup expenses if the Compactor is used for Waste and could potentially leave money on the table if the Compactor is being used for Recycling.
  2. Emptying a Compactor overweight can result in monetary fines.

The new IntelliPACT™ enhancements work in unison with the current automation to solve those issues. The IntelliBACE™ family of products, IntelliPACT™ and IntelliBACE™ are available for use with any manufacturers’ equipment and continue to be based on the actual weight of the contents, not pressure.

The current IntelliBACE™ Platform automatically notifies a customer/hauler when the Compactor reaches 80% full, so a pickup can be scheduled.

The new enhancement visually informs the onsite users by illuminating an 80% and 100% full light, based on a pre-defined weight, then it takes action! When the system reaches 100% full, the IntelliPACT™ system shuts the Compactor off. The customer configures IntelliPACT™ to allow the user to override the system, and use the Compactor or choose to have the Compactor permanently off until the Compactor is emptied.,” said Frederick Waite, BACE’s Chief Executive Officer.

“These enhancements are a game changer! Our goal has always been to disrupt the waste and recycling industry by introducing innovations that help our customers increase revenue and decrease expenses.,” said Greg Leon, BACE’s SVP of Sales and Marketing.

About BACE

BACE is a leading global manufacturer of heavy-duty balers, compactors and a national equipment service provider for the recycling and waste management industry. BACE is also the creator of the patented IntelliBACE™ Platform; an innovative Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform offering unmatched Accountability and Transparency. The BACE headquarters is located at 322 West 32nd Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28206. For information about BACE’s products and services, email, call BACE at (704) 394-2230 or visit our web site at

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