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Innovative Thinking

About Our Company

BACE is a leading global manufacturer of heavy-duty balers, compactors and a national equipment service provider for the recycling and waste management industry. BACE is also the creator of the patented IntelliBACE™ Platform, an innovative Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform offering unmatched Accountability and Transparency.

Latest News

The only thing we love more than keeping abreast of the news is making it. Please check this page frequently for announcements about changes to the company, our products, our service, and the ways in which we’re changing recycling for the better.
Innovative People

Management Team

Led by experienced veterans with expertise in recycling, manufacturing, and business intelligence software development, BACE quickly became the world’s leading innovator of technology for the recycling and waste industry.
Drew Sigmund Jr.

Drew Sigmund, Jr.​

General Manager
30+ years of Experience Designing, Developing and Implementing Waste & Recycling Solutions.
Gregory J. Leon

Gregory J. Leon​

Senior Vice President of Sales/Business Development
25+ years Designing, Developing, Implementing Waste/Recycling Equipment/Service Companies.

Brian Zagorski

Director of Finance
25+ years of experience in all aspects of financial leadership for manufacturing organizations.
Randy Sossamon

Randy Sossamon​

Director of Client Services

20+ years of experience leading customer service organizations.

Rimal Ternanni
Paul Domanico​

Paul Domanico

Director of Sales
Sales leader with over 20 years of experience selling Waste & Recycling Solutions.
Joe Finnerty

Joe Finnerty

Parts Manager
Sales leader with over 20 years of experience selling Waste & Recycling Solutions.