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The BACE C2, 2-yard compactor features a 46” x 60” clear charge box opening, 48” loading height, and 54,000 lbs. of compaction force. The C2 and a 40-yard compactor receiver container are the superior combination of recycling and waste handling equipment for such applications as distribution centers, warehousing and industrial facilities.

BACE Stationary Compactor C2

Performance Specs

Description Value
MFG Rating CU/YD 2
Ram Face (H”xW”) 30 x 60
Ram Penetration (in) 11
Cylinder Bore//Stroke/Rod (in) 6 x 56 x 3
Cylinder Bore//Stroke
Motor (HP) 10
Voltage 3 Phase
Full Load Amps (A = Amps)
Pump GPM 10.5
Avg. Cycle Time (sec) 65
Clear Top Opening (in) 40 x 60
Discharge Opening (in) 37 x 60
Hydraulic Pressure PSI Normal/Maximum 1800 / 2200
Force Rating (lb) Normal/Maximum 50,893 / 62,203
Approx. Compactor Shipping Weight (lbs) 5500

Construction Specs

Description Value
Charge Box Sides (in) ¼
Charge Box Floor (in) ½
Ram Face (in) ½
Ram Bottom (in)
Ram Top (in) ¼
Breaker Bar Structural Angle 6" x 8" x 1"
Additional hydraulic/electrical configurations are available. Please contact BACE for more information.
Available Options
BACE Stationary Compactor C2
Due to continual product improvement BACE reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
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