Download Windows 10 ISO without Media Creation Tool

[Direct Link] Download Windows 10 ISO without Media Creation Tool

To download Windows 10 ISO without media creation tool, you need to visit Microsoft tech bench upgrade program and then begin downloading Windows 10 ISO directly without media creation tool. Need more details? Follow this guide to know how to do it.

It has been a week or so since Microsoft has released Windows 10 for public use. Since the day, Windows 10 has made its way to Millions of PCs which were earlier running on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Now there are two ways to install Windows 10 on PC. You can either upgrade your PC to Windows 10 or make a clean install. For upgrading purpose, you can use Media Creation tool and proceed with the upgrade.

If you want to make a clean install, then you need to have a Windows 10 ISO, which later can be used to create Windows 10 Bootable USB drive. Now again, there are two ways to download Windows 10 ISO to your PC.

Microsoft allows you to download Windows 10 ISO with media creation tool as well as without media creation tool. With media creation tool, there is a risk of getting your downloaded disturbed because of some error. However, if you choose to download Windows 10 ISO without media creation tool, you can be sure that you can download it without any error apart from error occurred because of faulty internet connection.

Therefore, today we will be having a look at the methods available to Download Windows 10 ISO. Particularly, how to download Windows 10 ISO without media creation tool with direct download link.

Method 1: Download Windows 10 ISO Directly Without Media Creation Tool

We will be downloading the Windows 10 ISO directly from Microsoft server, so you can be sure that it does not have anything unwanted or harmful.

1. Go to Microsoft tech bench page (link below) and read the system requirement. Next from Windows 10 ISO download section, click   on “Select edition” and select Windows 10. If you want any other edition, select that edition and click on Confirm button. Now you will see a “validating your request” page, wait until you are prompted to select the product language.

Windows 10 ISO Download Select Edition

2. From the “Select the product language” section click on choose one and select English. Select your preferred language if it is not English and click on Confirm button. Now you will see the validating request page again, so wait until you see the download page.

3. Now, you will see Windows 10 ISO Downloads page. From the page, you will see two links. One for 32-bit Windows ISO Download and one for 64-bit Windows 10 ISO download. Select the one you want to download.

Windows 10 ISO Download begin download 32bit 64bit

There you go! Now the Windows 10 ISO download should begin directly without Media creation tool on your PC. Wait until the download completes, then proceed with creating bootable Windows 10 USB Flash drive.

On the download link page you can see a two-line message saying “Link valid for 24 hours from time of creation, link expires: date and time”.

It means that your download link is valid for 24 hours from the time of its creation. Therefore, if you are planning to keep it safe, it will be of no use.

Method 2: Download Windows 10 ISO with Media Creation Tool

Now there is another way through which you can download the Windows 10 ISO file. Media creation Tool is official Microsoft tool, which helps you in downloading and upgrading to Windows 10 from your current OS. If you are looking for a detailed instructions on how to do it, here is how to use it.

Begin with download Media Creation Tool on your PC for 32-bit and 64-bit.

1. Once downloaded, run the tool. From the Media Creation Tool Window, select “create installation media for another PC”.

2. Next, select “Language” “Edition” and “Architecture”.

3. You should see two options as USB Flash drive and ISO file. Proceed by selecting ISO File. Select the folder where you want to save the ISO file and click OK.

4. This should begin the Windows 10 ISO download on your PC.

Wait until the download completes. Now you can create Bootable Windows 10 USB flash drive using the ISO as mentioned in the above link.


  1. The two .iso: the one (I’ve downloaded the ENglish international 64 bit) and the one from the Media Creation Tool are different in terms of functionalities.
    I tried with the former to make an upgrade installation (it is used to correct a corrupt Windows installation) on my already existing English US Windows 10 Pro (upgraded from my previous Windows 7 professional 64 bit).
    It just does not features that function (it is not active to be selected) but the iso coming from the Media Creation Tool (English US 64 bit); the latter has that feature and it is possible to select it!

  2. hi. i want to ask something. On the first method, when you klik “download” either the 32bit or 64bit, what version does it actually downloaded? Home? Pro? or what? Thank you.

    • Hi Jhony, I think the Windows will decide which version to install on your PC depending on your current Windows version at the time of installation. If you have Pro – Ultimate, it should automatically install Pro version and if you have home, then Windows 10 home will be installed.

  3. Olivia, if you put mouse over a link and look at bottom or web browser (on most of them) it will show you where the link goes. That too links go to: … etc, so site of that links is Official microsoft web server.

    Johny, version installed depends on KEY used or the selection you choose when installing, i will let explain this a little more… on internet there is a tuto to ‘edit’ the ISO so it do not ask for KEY and so it ask for what version to install and let you ‘test’ that one (all 100% legal), after that time you do not use that version or put a 100% legal key (i will not talk about piracy, i am againts it), other ISOs (update ones) work as Tashreef Shareef said, depending on previous installed version… also more there is a DVD iso out there that has both 32 & 64 bit versions on same ISO and when installing it ask which one… but that is near ‘piracy’ (i do not know that any official one is ‘hibrid’ 32&64 bits), most of them are ‘self-made’ ones by someone else, like on Windows XP + SP3 + integration drivers, etc… i also will not talk about them since are not ‘official’. Also can search for .VDI or .VHD files (for VirtualBox), they are virtual disk images with windows already installed, neither i will talk about them since i had no experience on them (i can not ensure if they can be official or can not be official).

    • Hi Hasan, there isn’t much difference as you can download the ISO from the Media Creation Tool as Well. However, the Media Creation method might just not work all the time and if any interruption occurs while you are downloading the ISO, you may have to download the ISO all again. Whereas the direct download link would allow you to download the ISO directly even using a Download Manager such IDM which is not possible with Media Creation Tool.

  4. I wanted to get a link and then download the ISO using wget on a command-line Linux box – much faster than any windows download and restartable. Unfortunately the links seem to be keyed to the browser session that created them. IDIOTS! Why will Microsoft not just give us a simple straightforward download link?!!

      • Me too using wget to download the ISOs because it is fast and can resume download if my wifi is interrupted. (why interrupted? nowadays many inconsiderate kids learned wifi hacking)
        It is simple, open google chrome and from the Techbench site select 32/64 bits download, open the Download tap, copy the download urls and paste into notepad, save it as dlwin10.txt
        Now you can download using wget -c –content-disposition -i dlwin10.txt
        *Note: the download link is only valid for 24hrs